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About ISAA

The International Spill Accreditation Association (ISAA) was formed specifically to “Improve the standards of oil spill response” It is a non-profit making company with any surplus funds being used to improve the standards of service offered.


All currently accredited response organisations are automatically enrolled as Members of ISAA. Membership cost is covered within Accreditation Fees and there is therefore no additional cost. However, in order to maintain membership accredited status must be current and fees paid up-to-date.


Associate Membership

Associate Membership of ISAA is open to individuals and organisations that are not themselves eligible as full members (Accredited Spill Response Organisations or Accredited Training Providers) but wish to support the objectives and work of the Association.
Advantages of Associate Membership – For all members, Regular information on ISAA activities and invitations to all meetings, opportunity to have input to discussions on forward planning and other matters, free subscription to the ISCO Newsletter with news and technical articles on spill response and clean-up.
For commercial members, opportunities to meet with potential customers, free exhibition area (space permitting) to display products and services at ISAA-organised events, including training days, and seminars. Free placement of Associate Member’s brochures on ISAA stands at third party events, such as meetings of the International Harbour Masters Association, other conferences and exhibitions attended by ISAA.
For non-commercial Associate Members (such as employees of Environmental Agencies, Local Authorities, other organisations and individuals) Associate Membership is free.
For commercial Associate Members (such as equipment and material manufacturers and suppliers, environmental consultants, loss adjustors and insurance companies) the cost of Associate Membership of ISAA is £250 per annum (or the equivalent at current exchange rate in € or US$)

Spill Response Organization Accreditation

ISAA is the world authority for accreditation of spill response organizations (SROs) and is dedicated to the raising of worldwide standards in spill response. As a not-for-profit NGO, ISAA sets international standards for spill response in all areas including inland and marine spills. Accreditation is not only applicable to privately owned spill contractors but can also be used by governments and others for independently checking their own response capabilities.

ISAA accreditation schemes in each participating country or region are controlled by ISAA in partnership with steering groups that include representatives of appropriate government departments and other relevant organizations. ISAA organises training courses and seminars to assist SROs in gaining required levels of competency in ISAA accreditation subjects. In order to gain and maintain accredited status SROs are regularly audited by independent experts. Accreditation may be awarded at one of three levels in spill response disciplines that include marine, shoreline, freshwater, on-land, groundwater, and road/rail tanker spills.

ISAA auditors examine every aspect of each candidate’s operations in accordance with a comprehensive accreditation matrix. The objective is not only to determine appropriate levels for award (or otherwise) of accreditation, but to help accredited SROs, over time, to progress towards higher levels of accreditation. A contractor or government operator is accredited for three years. Application for accreditation can be made in any one or all of the disciplines covered. Besides the three year accreditation it is necessary for a spill or spill exercise to be visited, thus ensuring the actual capability of an operator to respond and perform

Accreditation of Inland Oil Spill Response Courses and Training Providers.

In response to requests from training organisations ISAA launched Accreditation of Inland Oil Spill Response Training Providers and Courses in March 2014. This facility complements the pre-existing accreditation system run by the Nautical Instute (NI) for assessment and accreditation of Marine Oil Spill Response Training Providers.

The ISAA Board has so far approved a syllabus and training requirements for inland surface waters spill response training courses. The accreditation assessment process not only verifies course content but also the competence of trainers' personnel on course delivery.

The launch of accreditation for providers of inland oil spill response training is a logical development and wholly aligned with ISAA's mission to improve standards of spill response. For more information about Inland Training Course Accreditation please contact the ISAA Administrator


ISAA, using NI accredited or ISAA-approved training organizations, offers specialist spill response training courses corresponding with disciplines in which accreditation can be obtained. This ensures that employees of SROs can reach the operating standards required.

Advice & Assistance

Through ISAA accredited companies have access to the spill response knowledge base. Practical advice is given on how to tackle any particular problem and specialist staff are available to advise, on site if necessary, in the event of an incident.

Complaints Procedure

ISAA operates a complaints procedure. If anyone using an ISAA accredited contractor is not happy with the contractor’s performance they can contact ISAA. If any contractor believes that they have been treated unreasonably by a third party or an unaccredited contractor or sub-contractor is being used, they can contact ISAA who will take the matter up with the appropriate Authority.